International Moving for Students

International Moving for Students

Moving to another country isn’t easy for anyone regardless of age, but for students it happens to be a little more challenging especially due to their lack of experience with international moves. Fortunately, there are many great overseas moving companies that cater to students and make the transition much easier and less costly. Any company that offers international relocations will have the knowledge needed to complete the transport without hindrance.


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Aside from the proper packaging procedures, you’ll need to appease Customs by proving that you have followed all import laws associated with the nation you’re moving to. Your international student moving company should have the information needed but you should always call the embassy of the country to make sure you’re current with the import laws and tax rates. Start gathering the proof requested months ahead of time.

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Proper Packaging Procedures

  • Start packing weeks to months ahead of time depending on how much you intend to bring with you
  • Pack a single room at a time starting with the room that gets the least attention
  • Use the right packing materials and various box sizes
  • Reduce the amount of your belongings by ridding of, selling or donating the items that are no longer of use to you. This will make the total of your international transport services much less
  • Never overstuff the boxes. Boxes may easily bottom out, causing your possessions damage. Use small box sizes for heavier items and larger boxes for lighter items
  • When wrapping dishes, place paper plates or foam sheets in between each one as you stack them neatly in a small box
  • Take any valuables or personal items with you during the overseas move
  • Take a picture of electronic hookups before you disassemble them. Then, place all screws and cords in a small bag and tape the bag to the electronic it belongs to before packing it up in its initial packaging
  • Mark all boxes clearly and mark any boxes with breakable items as “Fragile”
  • Make a list of all your belongings. Having a list of inventory will help you to make sure all items arrive safely to your home in the new nation

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